Axess SMART PAD 600

Intelligent card checking

Card checking made easy: the Axess SMART PAD 600 is able to read and write stored data. Especially from RFID chip-cards and transponders that contain the approved 13.56 MHz transponder. All approved transponder types will be recognized automatically by the Axess SMART PAD 600 and dealt with according to the protocol appropriate in each case. An integrated controller thereby makes card checking possible, both online as well as during independent operation. In addition, the Axess SMART PAD 600 with its flash data storage holds about nine million records and possesses space-saving and robust configuration.


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Reading and writing

In the data memory of RFID chip cards in ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 formats

Short-Range Antenna

Integrated, up to 10 cm range


For NFC (Near Field Communication)

Axess SMART PAD 600


  • Electronic components in a service-friendly modular design
  • Space-saving and robust
  • ISO 15693 / ISO 14443 Proximity Reader (3-DES encryption optional)
  • Ready for NFC
  • Integrated controller for online card checking or independent operation
  • Flash data storage for ~9 million records
  • TCP/IP networking