Flap 600 Standard ADA

Intelligent & extra wide: access control for everyone

Axess Systems are impressive! That is also true for the Flap 600 Standard ADA Module. The extra wide swivel arms make even especially wide entrances secure. Regardless whether there is wind, rain, sunshine or freezing cold, through its robust design, the Flap 600 Standard ADA Module is best suited for all imaginable environmental conditions. The photoelectric motion sensors also ensure that smaller items such as bags or ski poles are detected. That makes it possible for everyone to have a smooth and above all, safe passage. If a lot of people want access over a short period of time, the opening and closing sequence can simply be adjusted by means of the crank drive. We are saving the best for last: the very modern function module can be integrated into all variations of the AX500 Smart Gate NG.


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Flap Standard ADA


  • Robust, weather-resistant design; suited for inside and outside areas
  • Suitable for all AX500 SmartGates of the gantry and floor-mounted types
  • Crank drive with infinitely adjustable speed for the OPENING and CLOSING sequence
  • Integrated photoelectric motion sensors with suppressed recognition of small objects, such as ski poles
  • CLOSING sequence is initiated by motion sensors or through TIME-OUT
  • Optional: Extra long swivel arms for extra wide access: flap arms in paddle style