The central control module for smart gates

The next generation: The Axess CONTROLLER 600 has a display that is the size of an iPad mini and allows multimedia contents to be conveyed. Important information, warnings, individual greetings, advertising messages, etc. thus reach the guests by the direct route. Guests can also interact directly with the gate through the touch function. A built-in loudspeaker provides acoustic feedback.

The Axess CONTROLLER 600 is the central control unit for smart gates. It is connected directly to the Axess DATACENTER, checks tickets (online and offline) for validity and opens gates. The Axess CONTROLLER 600 stores up to 9 million transactions.

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7” Color touch display

Permits the direct communication of information, danger messages, individual greetings or advertising messages directly at the gate.


Also available with a short-range antenna.



  • 7” LCD touch display
  • Ticket checking online and offline
  • Stores up to 9 million transactions: Ticket data, reader transactions, mass data, etc.
  • Web Interface for easy configuration
  • Modular design for rapid installation
  • Robust and weatherproof