Axess BADGE BOX 600

The badge printer directly at the gate

This smart extension for the Axess Smart Gate NG means badges can be printed directly at the venue’s access gate. The registered visitor scans their Wallet, Passbook or Print@Home ticket directly at the access gate scanner. The gate opens and simultaneously issues a personal badge. Printing is complete in a matter of seconds and causes no delays at the entrance. The printed badge contains all the registered person’s information. Access areas can also be printed for visual checks.

This means that trade visitors, the press and VIPs can be processed more quickly at exhibitions and events. This prevents long queues at POS and registration points. A detour via a self-service badge station is also unnecessary.

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Axess BADGE BOX 600


  • 4 x 4 inch badge printing within seconds
  • Space for up to 1,000 badges
  • Viewing window to check the fill level at the rear
  • Status information via illuminated issue slot