AX500 Smart Security Gate

The security expert among access control gates.

The AX500 Smart Security Gate is designed for sensitive security areas and the unsupervised access — regardless whether for guest sections in football stadiums or access to recreational facilities where there is no cashier nearby.
The robust construction, secure against vandalism, meets the highest security criteria and is, at the same time, optimized for a high rate of throughput. Optical and acoustic signals reinforce security for your guests. Manufactured of weather-resistant aluminum, it is also outfitted for installation in outside areas. The AX500 Smart Security Gate can be obtained as a single- or double-entry unit and offers free passage in both directions.

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driven by servomotor


Manual disabling and re-enabling of the revolving door


As single- or double-access

AX500 Smart Security Gate


  • Especially robust, vandalism-secured construction of weatherproof aluminum
  • Optimized for high throughput
  • Every lane useable as entry or exit
  • Free passage possible in both directions
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