AX500 Smart Gate NG - gantry mounted Flap

The suspended gate which can be swung back

The snow conditions in your ski resort are variable and your gates are sinking in the snow? In the evening, the way should be free for the piste equipment? Then the AX500 Smart Gate NG in the "gantry mounted" version would be ideal for you. The floating gates can be swung away and also offer the ski guests maximum comfort while driving through.

Turnstile or motorized flap module, you have the opportunity. Each AX500 Smart Gate NG is compatible with all modules and can therefore be retrofitted at any time. This also facilitates maintenance. New modules can even be exchanged themselves. With the AX500 Smart Gate NG, you have a future-proof system.

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available in a barrier-free version (ADA)


AX500 Ticket Scanner


Turnstile module

AX500 Smart Gate NG - gantry mounted Flap


  • up to 6 parallel access traces
  • flap arms can be used in a closed position for blocking the track
  • "hands-free" card control
  • Axess Controller 600 module with optional graphic display for checking the ticket in ONLINE and OFFLINE mode
  • mounting possibilities: height adjustable, pivoting suspension (gantry)