AX500 Smart Gate NG Flap Glass ADA

The elegant and extra wide access

The elegant AX500 Smart Gate NG Flap Glass ADA is particularly suitable for extra-wide accesses. The extra long arms in paddle style protect the access of unauthorized persons and allow a comfortable, barrier-free access for guests. The speed of the opening and closing process can be individually adjusted. Integrated photoelectric motion sensors also ensure that smaller objects carried by guests are detected, allowing for safe passage.

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AX500 Smart Gate NG Flap Glass ADA


  • Elegant, inviting design due to the transparent doors made of polycarbonate
  • Contactless access with adjustable opening and closing speed
  • Extra long arms for extra wide access
  • Can be used in closed position as a passage barrier
  • Visual emphasis of the open-close movement through the wide paddle design
  • Presence sensor with suppression of small objects