AX500 Smart Gate NG Flap Glass

The elegant entrance for museums, trade fairs or leisure parks

The AX500 Smart Gate NG Flap Glass is an ideal access control system for museums, leisure and tourist attractions. The elegant and discreet access invites visitors to enter through the swing doors.
The Axess SMART SCANNER 600 is the integrated module for the fast reading of tickets - simply hold the data carrier in the generous scanning area and enjoy the convenient and contactless access.

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AX500 Smart Gate NG Flap Glass


  • Sensors on the glass paddle modules ensure contactless access at adjustable speed
  • Shapely, elegant and yet robust swing doors made of polycarbonate
  • Scanning of barcodes; optional reading of transponders with smartcard function
  • Axess SMART SCANNER 600 with touch function and integrated Axess Controller 600, service menu for access configuration; LAN
  • Optional: Space-saving, multi-lane access with SMG MOBILE PALLET