AX500 Barcode Slot Reader Module

Flexible ticket reader for all kinds of weather

Durability, space-saving design, reliable technology and individuality: the AX500 Barcode Slot Reader combines all these features together. By inserting barcoded tickets in the ISO standard format, it reads in both red and infrared light, just the way you want. The weather-resistant and tough housing is best suited for mounting, both inside and outside. It is especially long-lived, since no mechanically moving parts are used. The AX500 Barcode Slot Reader can be integrated without any problem into Axess AX500 Smart Post columns or in a customer-specific housing.


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AX500 Barcode Slot Reader Module


  • Slot reader for barcoded tickets
  • Robust and weather-resistant; for use inside and outside
  • Long service life since no it contains no mechanically moving parts
  • Space-saving design