Robust and state-of-the-art chip card.

High qualitative value and on the cutting edge of technology: The Axess SMART CARD TRW STRIPE is a very high quality ticket. With the integrated chip, it is best suited to solid-state data transmission. The chip card stores, in addition to the owner’s personal information, up to five authorizations. In so doing, the data will be printed in a visually readable way on the ThermoReWrite stripe. Naturally, the Axess SMART CARD TRW STRIPE can be rewritten optically and electronically several times. Thus, the Smart Card TRW STRIPE can be used over several years. The card’s high fracture strength is also a factor. And thanks to its cold and heat resistance (from -30 to +50 degrees Centigrade = -22 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit), it can be used everywhere.

Enter a safe future of ticketing with the AX500 Smart Gate NG BLE gate and the latest Bluetooth-LE technology. Experience new possibilities of ticket management by almost unlimited ticket information and impressively fast data transfer. Combine the best out of two worlds, BLE- and HF technology, by using the common RFID tickets with this gate.

Evaluate the data of your guests and their preferences for creating new customer specific offers. Send direct information or advertisement by means of push messages.

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Printable area


with ISO 15693 or ISO 14443



  • Solid state functionality
  • Rewritable several times, both optically and electronically
  • Segmented storage with a multi-application concept; up to 5 authorization for ticket and personal data
  • ThermoReWrite stripe covering the front side - printing can be deleted in the ThermoReWrite process and relabeled
  • Tickets are hot-laminated out of special plastics with embedded chip for high resistance to breakage and can be used from -30° to +50°C [-22° to 122°F] (thickness: 0.9 mm = 0.035 in)