The reusable season ticket

User-friendly season tickets for the guests? Axess has the optimal solution ready. The Smart Card LITE is made of plastic and is a contactless, electronic one-way ticket. The card can be coded multiple times, the embedded RFID chip is used to store authorization data. Depending on the chip type and antenna geometry of the RFID reader, the cards are read in the long-range range between 40 and 45 cm or in the short-range range at a distance of up to 10 cm. A variety of ticket variations such as time card, points card, event card, day ticket, season ticket, tickets for online bookings on the Internet, etc. are programmable. In addition, there is the possibility of for example to print a QR code on the card.


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with ISO 15693, optionally ISO 14443


Printable area



  • Layout in 4-colour UV offset printing; optional customer-specific QR code
  • One-time printing of selected ticket data using direct thermal printing Robust under mechanical stress and changing temperature - moisture-resistant
  • Multiple electronic data storage possible; contactless data reading
  • Data storage segmented according to customer requirements; ISO 15693 RFID chip, optional ISO 14443 RFID chip
  • The chip card works purely passively