Japanese Hoshino resorts rely on Axess Smart RESORT SOLUTIONS 4.0

Alpine skiing is starting to boom in the land of the rising sun, propelling a wave of modernization. Many resorts aim at upgrading ticketing and access to match the standard of the world top resorts. Smart solutions from a single source are needed – quickly and efficiently for both the resort and its visitors. The Hoshino resort "Alts Bandai" and "Nekoma Ski Resort" are relying on the Austrian group Axess AG to achieve these goals.

In Japan, online ticketing via web shop and smartphone has been the standard in many areas for many years now. Large ski resorts now want to catch up, in order to be on an equal footing with the top destinations. The technology will make ticket sales on site and long queues at the ticket office a thing of the past. The Hoshino resorts "Alts Bandai" and "Nekoma Ski Resort" are therefore investing in smart ticketing and access solutions by Axess. Beginning in the 2017/18 season, ski guests can simply buy a ticket via Axess Webshop, that is seamlessly integrated into the Axess access control system and can be completely adapted to the corporate design of the ski resort.

Directlay on the piste

After ticket payment in the webshop, ski guests receive an electronic voucher on their smartphone or tablet, or a Print@Home ticket on paper. In the two Hoshino resorts, these only need to be scanned at a point of sale or AX500 TVM, and the guest immediately receives a valid RFID chip card of type Axess Smart Card Part. This ticket is produced in Austria. Ski guests can enjoy future ski days by recharging the ticket at the Axess Webshop on the homepage of the respective resort. They can enjoy fun on the slopes without having to wait in queues.

Handsfree comfort

The Axess gates of type AX500 Smart Gate NG are providing added convenience for skiing guests. Thanks to the RFID technology of Axess Smart Card and the wide range antennas, the gates open independently and handsfree. The ski guest must no longer reach for his ticket and can pass through without touching the gate. All components of the access control system are produced in Innsbruck and are centrally connected to the highly available Axess DATACENTER. Components can be configured and data evaluated at any time from a central server, giving operators a very precise analysis of the access frequencies, and of the guests themselves.

Season 2017/18

Starting in the next season, ski guests in the two Hoshino resorts can benefit from this modernization. For "Alts Bandai" and "Nekoma Ski Resort", both in Fukushima Prefecture, these investments are an important step into the future after the great earthquake in the year 2011.