VIP service for journalists and media representatives.

The accreditation process for media representatives can now be easily digitized.

Journalists have the opportunity to register online via a particularly clearly structured portal in order to receive accreditation in advance. Among other things, the press card must also be uploaded. With the press representative's account for the portal, it is possible to choose between different games or events and the responsible persons (administrators) can either allow or deny journalists to attend the events. From application to application, the organizers can freely choose who they want to release, as well as assign the authorization level and access zones. The journalists will then receive an e-mail with the print@home ticket and a wallet file for their smartphone with a barcode for direct access to the stadium. The AX500 Smart Gate NG with integrated Axess BADGE BOX 600 serves as a control unit. In the course of admission, the press representatives will receive the necessary accreditations on the day of the match in the form of a badge to print out. This is particularly important for visual control by the security staff on a match day. Whether a journalist has cashed the barcode of his wallet, the organizer can see that immediately on his screen.

The digital accreditation for service companies.

Service providers who work in a stadium can use the Axess ACCREDITATION WORK software to gain access for longer periods of time. Where in many stadiums people still work with pen and paper and it is not possible to check when someone was present and for how long, Axess has now developed a digital solution for this. External companies have to create an account in the portal to manage their employees and thus create different work orders. These must, in turn, be approved by the stadium responsible. For this, Axess relies on the proven and particularly clear basic system of Axess CLICS with corresponding extensions for the accreditation process.

In short
  • Online administration of the press and media representatives
  • Clearly structured dashboards
  • Pre-registration for faster access
  • Different types of accreditation
  • Events freely selectable
  • Permanent and individual accreditation

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