Technology-Revolution for Ski Areas: The Cell Phone becomes a Ski Pass

The digital alternative to the classic ski pass. Ski areas and their guests always want new possibilities in the area of ​​ski pass management. The international technology trendsetter Axess has developed a new gate that converts the cell phone into a ski pass via Bluetooth. The new AX500 Smart Gate NG BLE enables completely contactless access to the lift.

First, the pass is conveniently booked online at home or from the hotel room and saved in the corresponding app. As soon as the skier steps into the reading area of ​​the gate, the cell phone automatically connects via Bluetooth and the ticket is checked. After approval, the gate opens automatically and grants contact-free access. The cell phone remains in the jacket and the gloves remain on during access. No waiting at the till, no danger from people who are too close. The AX500 Smart Gate NG BLE shows the way to an even more convenient and safer future. A total of six ski areas with Axess systems will be testing the new gate in the coming season. “Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) describes a radio technology with which devices can be networked within a certain radius. It allows the cell phone to communicate with the gate. The information of the pass is stored on the cell phone and can be called up contactlessly, ”says Oliver Suter, CSO and CEO of Axess AG. The app was developed in such a way that as little energy as possible is used and the cell phone remains active all day even when it is below zero.

“The openness to new technologies and innovation has always been part of Dolomiti Superski's DNA. For this reason, we are also involved in the test phase of this new option, which will become standard for us in mid term and can offer our customers more comfort and new application options ”said the President of Dolomiti Superski, Andy Varallo, when announcing this world first premiere with technology partner Axess AG. During the 2020-21 winter season, internal members will be able to test the new technology, while it will not be available to the general public this year.

“Extreme temperatures, high accuracy in locating the cell phone and intensive battery usage have been the critical elements in the use of cell-phones so far. This has now been successfully resolved, ”confirms Josef Fischer, Head of Hardware Development and Chief Developer of the new gate.

“In times of Covid-19 and the necessary measures associated with it, this new gate is a valuable means of ensuring that ski resorts can operate safely for their guests. Since the purchase takes place online without personal contact and the access is contactless, the possibility of infection is also reduced, ”adds Claudia Kopetzky, Head of International Marketing. The new gates will be tested in six countries in Europe from the coming winter season. Based on the experience gained in the first winter season, the new systems will probably already be in use in many other ski areas around the world.

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