New product from Axess: Access only possible with a face mask and without fever

The new module for all access control systems: A sensor measures the body temperature and a camera detects whether a protective mouth-nose mask is worn. Only then will the gate open.

New circumstances and conditions require new solutions. This also applies to life in times of Corona. Axess has now launched a new module for this purpose. By measuring body temperature, it detects when a person has a fever and whether they are wearing a mouth-nose protector mask. Only then will access be granted. This function is important for stadia, museums, exhibition centers leisure parks or swimming pools and allows event organizers and operators to reopen their doors within the new legal requirements. "Requests from international markets have prompted us to act quickly here. We will be installing the first system soon," says Oliver Suter, CEO and CSO of the company. He was the driving force behind the project and, together with the development team, able to implement this new product in a very short time. In the future, the module will be integrated into all product lines and supplemented with an additional face recognition system.

Axess has been supplying contactlessly operating gates since the beginning and developed this new application during the 8 weeks of the shutdown. Once again, the technology forge is a trendsetter and one step ahead. "This is possible because both software and hardware are developed in-house, which allows us to react dynamically to the market," says Claudia Kopetzky, CMO of Axess AG and responsible for international marketing.

Apart from this new product, all Axess systems can be operated without contact. The range of e-commerce products allows bookings to be made from home. Tickets are issued at the vending machines, which are also operating without any contact to other people and 24 hours per day. Existing tickets can be reloaded in the webshop. The use of RFID or NFC technology allows to walk through the entrance without any further contact point. "Social Distancing" and "Safe Lifestyle" made easy.

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