Enter Climate Pledge Arena with Just Your Palm: Introducing Amazon One and Axess Smart Scanner 600

Embrace the future of arena access with Axess, Amazon One and Ticketmaster!

The integration of Amazon One into the functions and software of the Axess SMART SCANNER 600 has created a new type of access. Thanks to this, the Climate Pledge Arena can be entered easily and simply by showing the palm of the hand. With access control solutions and efficient visitor management, the Axess team has once again revolutionized the way people enter arenas. Biometric identification methods strengthen the data security of tickets and guarantee a seamless stadium experience.


Premiere of a new access technology for stadiums

Axess, in partnership with Amazon One and Ticketmaster, is excited to unveil an innovative approach to accessing the Climate Pledge Arena. Thursday, November 16, marked the debut of a groundbreaking innovation that revolutionizes the arena entry experience: The integration of Amazon One's palm scan into Axess' SMART SCANNER 600.

Amazon One, the state-of-the-art biometric identity service, enables contactless entry by simply holding your palm over a scanner. This technology has already proven itself as a payment method for food and beverage purchases, as well as at just-walk-out locations within the arena.

The implementation of Amazon One in conjunction with the NFC technology of the Axess Smart Scanner 600 promises to streamline the guest entry process into the Climate Pledge Arena. The need for physical tickets is eliminated as the palm of the hand becomes a unique identifier. This not only increases efficiency, but also provides a forward-thinking and hassle-free experience for visitors. Of course, for those who prefer the familiar way, traditional admission tickets with NFC or rolling barcodes will still be available. The future of arena access is firmly in the hands of Axess, Amazon One and Ticketmaster!

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