One Ticket for All Activities

In 2019, Super-Besse was the first winter sports resort in the French Massif Central to decide to redesign its swimming pool to turn it into a modern and friendly fun and adventure pool. Thanks to this renovation, guests can be received all year round in the future.

The ski lifts of Super-Besse are already equipped with an access control and ticketing system from Axess and are fully satisfied with it. The ski resort also commissioned the Austrian company for the completely new systems of the Centre Ludo Sportif des Hermines.

The ski resort currently has 21 lifts, which are already equipped with Axess gates. In December 2019 a new adventure pool also opened in the ski resort. The building benefited from a complete modernization, in which metal, wood and glass were combined in a particularly harmonic way, so that the design of the accesses blends in perfectly with the surroundings. The new Centre Ludo Sportif des Hermines is located on the shores of Lake Hermines, in the heart of the Massif du Sancy. A special feature here is a room measuring over 2,200m2 dedicated to well-being and relaxation. Friends and families can meet here all year round to spend time together.

The access to the Aqua room was equipped with an Axess SMART POS, an AX500 Smart Access Terminal NG for contactless access and several Axess SMART SCANNER 600 for opening the doors to the sauna area. The management of access and ticketing for the swimming pool were integrated into the existing Axess system. This is managed via the Axess DATACENTER, regardless of whether the system configurations or access management are involved. This database enables the ski resort and swimming pool not only to create common products, but also full compatibility.
Super-Besse's plan was to offer its guests a compatible product for the entire resort. Access to all attractions is granted here with a special ticket, the Pass Loisirs. This pass, which customers can also purchase online via the resort's webshop or recharge after a season, allows a combination of winter and summer activities. Among other things, it gives access to ski lifts and summer toboggan runs, the fun and adventure pool, climbing walls and the climbing park.

Thanks to Axess, Super-Besse now has an all-in-one system that makes it possible to connect and manage all activities within the ski area, both during the winter and summer seasons. Thus, customers benefit from all the advantages of a modern and innovative system which, in addition to the comfort of use, offers them a unique opportunity to use all leisure activities throughout the year.