Smart technology in Lignon

The public pool of Lignon / Vernier - only minutes from the center of Geneva - has decided has decided this year to replace its entire ticketing ticketing and access system with a modern and intelligent complete solution from Axess.

Built in two stages, in 1968 the summer pool and in 1996 the indoor pool, the sports facility testifies to a historical continuity that is architecturally anchored in modernity. Over the years, the swimming pool has been constantly developed and modernized: Addition of a mini golf course, reconstruction of the outdoor pool, new slide, brand new paddling pool. This year, the operators decided to equip the ticketing and access system with new and innovative technology in order to offer an even better service to the guests. Thanks to Axess' know-how, the Lignon swimming pool was equipped with a new access system in a very short time. Only one month passed from signature to delivery - a record speed that ensured full customer satisfaction. In addition to an Axess SMART POS point-of-sale system, the Lignon swimming pool has also equipped itself for self-service: with an Axess TICKET KIOSK 600 and an Axess TICKET FRAME 600, visitors can buy tickets and other services using the self-service method, thus bypassing any queues at the cash desks. Access to the miniature golf course is via two Axess SMART LOCK 600s, while the entrances to the indoor and outdoor swimming pools have been equipped with an Axess SMART SECURITY GATE (double) and several Axess Smart Gates. Pool visitors can now scan their valid Axess CARD or QR code issued on their smartphone to open the gate. In the course of modernizing visitor management, the swimming pool operators also opted for the Axess WEBSHOP and Axess SMART RESERVATION software solutions. Guests and visitors can thus plan and book various services from the comfort of their own homes.

As an operator, you always have an overview of reservations and capacity utilization. The Axess all-in-one solution enables customers to buy their tickets online as well as at the ticket machine, to top up their subscriptions themselves via the WTP number and to see an overview of their bookings via online access to Axess SMART RESERVATION. Customers can already book a tennis or badminton court in Vernier or Aïre online from home at any time. Awarded as the best swimming pool in the Canton of Geneva, both for its customer-friendly infrastructure and for its large green and shaded areas, which are ideal for playing and relaxing in the summer, the modernized swimming pool welcomes numerous visitors from the entire region every day. And with the latest Axess all-in-one solution, the fun of leisure begins in the comfort of your own home.