Touchdown at Ford Field

With Ford Field, Axess completed its seventh NFL stadium project. The famous arena in Detroit will rely on full digitization, faster access and better control from the be- ginning of the 2023 season.


At 2000 Brush Street in Detroit, Michigan stands one of the most prestigious arenas in the sports world. The extraordinary location in the middle of the city center also makes Ford Field a well-known landmark in the US. Up to 80,000 spectators regularly visit to watch major sporting events such as the Super Bowl XL (2006). Ford Field has also been home to the Detroit Lions NFL team since 2002. The enormous crowds, the high expectations of the city of Detroit and the dimensions of the arena made the project one of the most exciting in the history of Axess Americas Events.

Another NFL Stadium

  • The home of the Detroit Lions is the sixth NFL stadium to rely on Axess quality. The Seattle Seahawks, the New England Patriots, the Miami Dolphins, the Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers have already been equipped. The Lions' order followed a proof of concept during the 2022 NFL season: the stadium operator used Axess hardware such as Turnstiles on several game days and then approached Axess with the order. "There were a total of six Axess employees working on this project. The customer had a clear idea of how the access should work, so it was easy to work together. We knew what was expected and were able to deliver quickly and reliably," says Axess Americas Events Managing Director Renier Steyn.

    Fast access

  • What was particularly important to those responsible at Ford Field? Speed of entry and convenience. "Almost every fan already uses their smartphone to scan their ticket. It's faster, more convenient, and it also eliminates the need to carry tickets around," Steyn continued. The move toward complete digitization benefits fans not only at admission. The dynamic, digital tickets can be updated in real time to provide ticket holders with the latest information about the event or a service.

A worry-free back office

Digitization also increases security within the stadium. Digital tickets contain security features such as encryption or unique QR codes to prevent counterfeiting. This means less (personnel) effort for controls and less potential for errors. And in the end there's the environmental factor: not producing a ticket is always the most environmentally friendly way to go.

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