Don't touch - just ride.

Axess is ready for the new lifestyle. For years, Axess AG has offered a range of products and smart technologies that make it easy to always offer its customers the best possible experience. After crises like the current one, this means above all being able to adapt to situations while always working on the development of new solutions.

Especially in the leisure sector, many operators are currently looking for alternatives to offer visitors at the right time means that promise a carefree stay. A major aspect here will be the contactless or contactless way of making purchases. But while others are still feverishly searching for solutions to this problem, Axess already offers optimal results for every type of activity.

The Axess WEBSHOP, the Axess TICKET KIOSK 600 and the Axess PICK UP BOX 600, for example, offer a first-class interaction here. Guests can buy a ticket via their smartphone in the WEBSHOP and then conveniently pick it up with a QR code at a PICK UP BOX 600 directly on site. The process is also possible with predecessor models of the TICKET KIOSKS (TVM). This not only eliminates the need to wait in line, but also contact with staff, change, etc. quite simply. This takes away the fear of proximity to other people for many and operators as well as guests can enjoy the day off!