All Axess ski resorts in the DACH region are open, in many of them the Covid certificate check takes place digitally.

The trendsetter from Anif already started to develop a corresponding software during the past year and thus guarantees its customers a safe and legally compliant ski operation.

The snow is as always, but the skiing itself has changed a lot with the legal requirements. The control of the Covid certificate requires an additional step, but at the same time guarantees that only vaccinated and recovered people are on the mountain. Since this winter, different country-specific legal regulations are in force in the European area, which pose new challenges to companies as well as skiers. Government resolutions are already law within a few days. The tight implementation time, in which highly complex IT systems have to be adapted, is the biggest challenge. Both lift companies and Axess had the task of adapting and converting all systems to the new conditions. Already last year, work was done on the development of appropriate software and the adaptation of the POS systems. The conversions and on-site training were also an additional challenge for everyone involved.

With the Axess COVID CERTIFICATE CHECK it is possible to match the personal EUDCC certificate (EU Digital COVID Certificate) with the personalized ticket. Only after matching the ticket will be activated. All data protection requirements and guidelines specified by the regulations are complied with. Regardless of whether it is a certificate or a green pass, the system recognizes the proof, checks the data and automatically releases the ticket. The software can be integrated into all existing systems. For the cable car operator as well as for the skier, however, there is an additional work step. Either at the ticket office, in the self-service area of the cable car or digitally, if the activation is done in advance via the online platform.

All ski resorts equipped with Axess systems have the option of this certificate check. The extra preparation time is new for both skiers and ski resorts; in the past, you could just get out of the car and straight onto the slopes, but skiing with a mask and 2G rule is different from what you're used to.