The Axess product

We enhance customer experience

Individual: all Axess products are freely combinable with one another. Thanks to their modular construction design, our innovative ticketing, cash desk and access solutions can be precisely tailored to meet your individual requirements. Our future technologies ca be retrofitted with ease at any time. At Axess, everything comes from a single source. From access tickets that we make ourselves, to individual hardware components, to the appropriate software for the collection and management of information and data. More than 2 billion transactions are conducted via Axess systems worldwide. At the same time, over 200 million RFID cards have been in use.

Good to know

Orange Guides

We make every effort to design our products so that they can be operated intuitively. That´s why we´ve enlarged our displays over the years, introduced touchscreens and, with our symbols and icons, guarantee a high degree of userfriendliness. Many products can be individually customized to enhance the recognition factor of the operator´s or resort´s brand. The displays can be set up directly by the operator and be replaced as often as required. In order to offer guests the best possible convenience during use, the module parts which are supposed to trigger an interaction are in orange. This means that it´s immediately clear to a guest where they need to place their ticket in order to gain admission.