Guests don’t want to lug their ski equipment from their accommodation to the lift every day. Therefore, a personal locker can be booked at the same time a ticket is purchased. The locker keeps skis, ski poles, helmets, ski boots and other personal items safe and dry. The preheated equipment can be collected again every day. The ticket also functions as a locker key. At the cash register, or directly at the SERVICE PANEL, authorizations can be extended to other people, or removed again. For locker management and analysis, operators have a variety of tools at their disposal.

Intuitive locker management

The Axess RESORT.LOCKER PRO offers operators and their staff an easy and straightforward way of administering lockers and storage cabinets that can be secured electronically. Authorizations for one or more lockers are directly booked onto an RFID smart card such as the Axess Smart Card. Management takes place intuitively via a touch navigation system. The modern design of the user interface offers a strong degree of clarity. The overall status of all lockers can be viewed at a glance. Data is capable of easy analysis in order to provide information on customer behavior. The RESORT.LOCKER PRO is a product which has emerged from the Axess development process and can thus be seamlessly integrated into the Axess System without any need for an interface. Companies which have an Axess SMART POS in place do not require any additional hardware. RESORT.LOCKER PRO can be directly accessed on the cash desk work station via web browser. There are no restrictions to offline operation.

The self-service station for guests

The Axess RESORT.LOCKER SERVICE PANEL takes the form of a self-service station which provides guests with simple functions to allow them to administer and locate their locker by themselves. This fosters customer satisfaction when straightforward services are involved and reduces costs for the operator. A tablet and an Axess SMART PAD 600 are the only hardware that is required. The modern user interface features an intuitive design and an extremely clear graphic display. 

Summary of functions

  • Straightforward log-in using ticket and personal password
  • Position of locker/lockers is directly displayed on a color-coded scheme
  • Lockers can be switched via a single click
  • Users can issue authorizations to open lockers to family members and other persons
The stand-alone version for partners

The Axess RESORT.LOCKER PURE is a sister product to the RESORT.LOCKER PURE and has been designed as a stand-alone program for service stations outside an Axess system. This enables provision to be extended to include B2B partners such as hotels, ski shops and tourism offices. 

RESORT.LOCKER PURE facilitates the following.

  • Status display for lockers
  • Rental of lockers with and without a ticket
  • Booking and alterations of authorizations
  • Blocking and release of lockers

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