Skiers receive all the information they need about a ski resort via the Axess CONNECT.APP. Thus, the weather, food & drink highlights, events, offers and ticket information can be called up on one’s smartphone. But the app user can also interact directly: to buy tickets, book offers or share their experience on social media channels. This opens up new opportunities for the operators of a ski resort to merchandise their products efficiently and communicate directly with their guests. By networking customer profiles with various offers, guests can create individual leisure programs tailored to their personal preferences. Push notifications allow direct and very individualized communication.

In-app ticket shop
Quick and easy ticketing

Online and mobile ticketing have already become part of everyday life for many people. In the digital age, they provide a rapid, simple and straightforward solution. The same applies to ski resorts and their visitors. Skiers have got used to the convenience of buying their ticket via smartphone and collecting it from the Axess PICK UP BOX 600 at the resort before heading directly out onto the slopes. There are, however, also considerable benefits for the ski resort itself. These include rapid and streamlined processes, the ability to structure offers in a more flexible way and direct contact with customers.

The Axess CONNECT.APP in-app ticket shop offers the following.

  • Mobile tickets – a bar-code ticket or voucher providing direct access or enabling ticket collection at the Axess Smart POS, AX500 TVM or Axess PICK UP BOX 600
  • Ticket reload – reload of Axess RFID Smart Cards with a WTP number 
  • Order and payment information – summary of all figures and transactions instigated

We costumize solutions

The functionality of the In-App ticketshop can be customized to your requirements.

Latest forecast and snow conditions

The Axess CONNECT.APP provides your ski guests with the latest weather news, a forecast for the coming days and information on snow conditions at your resort – all delivered directly to their smartphone. This means visitors can receive reliable data from the ski region itself without having to search online for themselves. The weather in the valleys and on the mountains may often differ considerably. If conditions at lower levels are murky, guests can easily be informed of any magnificent sunshine that may be available up on the slopes. Weather cameras incorporated into the Axess CONNECT.APP support visual representation of the relevant meteorological information.

Lift & slopes
Clear information at a glance

The Axess CONNECT.APP provides ski guests with a real-time view of the status of all lifts and slopes across the whole of the ski region. This is a particularly useful source of guidance in large ski areas with far-flung lift facilities. Push messages ensure that information is disseminated rapidly in the case of avalanche alarms or slope closures. Planning the perfect day of skiing  all slopes are categorized by type and difficulty. This means that every guest can immediately plan an ideal day on the slopes without needing to be familiar with the ski region. All visitors can quickly identify the areas best suited to them, regardless of whether they are looking for family-friendly routes or a challenging downhill experience. Because information is filtered by region, a clear picture always emerges, even in large connected ski areas.

Events & locations
The best locations in the resort clearly displayed

The Axess CONNECT.APP includes an event feature to draw visitor attention to the various leisure activities on offer in and around the ski resort. Events of any kind from dinners to parties to night-time snow shoe tours can be publicized to guests via their smart phones. The app also provides a quick and straightforward way of communicating information about popular restaurants, snow bars and other gastronomic outlets. The app data can be evaluated at any time to enable a ski resort to tailor services even more closely to the needs of its visitors.

Social feed
A communications tool for your community

The social media feature offered by the Axess CONNECT.APP is a digital shop window for the ski area. Social interaction provides an instant vehicle that enables ski guests to share experiences and pictures from the resort with friends and other visitors. Ski resorts can address their target group directly and offer information in a highly cost-effective manner. Such direct dialog permits permanent relations to be formed. Feedback of this kind also gives an insight into guests’ needs and wishes, thus allowing the service provision and marketing activities of the ski resort to be managed more efficiently and more precisely.

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